• Grease beast grease burger bar

The Grease Beast | Grease Burger Bar | West Palm Beach

  • Grease beast grease burger bar
🍴What is it? : The grease beast 
📍Where can I find it? : grease burger bar
📝Score : 1️⃣ out of 🔟
🏆 The Good : 

It sounds cool…. 10 oz burger topped with cheddar, french fries, onion rings, LTO, cheese sauce, and ranch with two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. Ranch makes everything better, right?

🚫 The Not so good :

Where do I begin… First of all, just looking at the ingredients on this burger, you know there’s a big problem. French fries, onion rings, bacon grilled cheese… where’s the acid??? Sure, there’s a drizzle of ranch and a not-that-fresh tomato, but I would hardly qualify those things to cut through the mountain of richness that this burger is. Second of all, there isn’t one individual aspect of this burger that was done well. You’d think that they would take care in picking the freshest veg, making the grilled cheeses really crispy and cheesy, making onion rings that aren’t drowned in oil and soggy… but no.

It’s almost like they assume people won’t be physically able to taste every single thing on this burger, so they’re like, to hell with it, we don’t give af. The grilled cheese sandwich “buns” were a complete joke. Where in those sandwiches do you see any remnant of cheese? Take a look, I’ll wait… All in all, I can’t stand that anyone would come and feature this burger, say how crazy and awesome it is, and then fail to mention that it’s actually terrible. Oh, and we ordered our burger medium rare and it came medium-ish. Anyone that goes out of their way to try this burger is completely wasting their time. 

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