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Dessert Hummus Taste Test

Hold on, hold on… dessert hummus?

Yes, you heard me right. It’s hummus. It’s dessert. All minds are blown. I heard about this crazy creation from a friend, who had seen the company Delighted By on shark tank pitching this new and interesting product. Prior to trying dessert hummus, I hadn’t a clue what to expect. I kept replaying a mash-up of roasted red pepper and chocolate cake in my head. It just didn’t make any sense. How do you eat it? What do you eat it with? So many questions, so much doubt… I had to find the answers. 

In this video, I not only taste test the dessert hummus, but I tell you what you can do with it. You see, Delighted By did a very smart thing. They added a slew of recipe ideas and inspiration to their site, so that you wouldn’t be completely confused after purchasing their product. I decided to recreate some of their inspirational recipes, and taste test the hummus’ application in them. I also came up with a new way to use dessert hummus that I think will particularly interest all of you. Enjoy my calorie consumption and entertainment efforts!

Have you tried Delighted By’s dessert hummus yet? If so, what did you think? If not, do you think you would purchase it? I want to know it all, so tell me everything in the comments below! Have any thoughts or feelings about this review or any others? Tell me about that in the comments below as well!

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Don’t forget to stay gastro-experimental and super duper hungry, folks. 🙂 

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