• mac and cheese dave poe's

Mac and Cheese | Dave Poe’s BBQ | Atlanta

  • mac and cheese dave poe's
🍴What is it? : Mac and cheese
📍Where can I find it? : dave poe’s bbq
📝Score :6️⃣ out of 🔟
🏆 The Good : 

I just have to start off by saying that I was completely unaware of the popularity of this mac and cheese until just a few minutes ago. A friend recommended I go and try it, and that’s basically all I knew. That being said, this mac and cheese has a lot of potential. It isn’t often that I have a cheddar mac that tastes so sharp and nutty. It has a lot of flavor not only in the sauce, but in the layer of cheese baked on top, which I swear tastes like a chewy Cheez-It. The choice to use rigatoni might not be for everyone, but I like it because the sauce gets trapped in the ridges and fills the centers. I also have to say that the pasta was cooked well compared to most macs I’ve had, especially southern mac. 

🚫 The Not-so-good :

All of this delicious mac and cheese sat in a literal pool of oil on my plate. This could be an anomaly, may have never happened before, but I just can’t overlook it. Somewhere in the process of keeping the mac and cheese warm, or possibly being reheated too quickly, the cheese separated. As a result, the mouth-feel of this mac was not pleasant. The bites I managed to salvage closer to the top were delicious, and had they all been like that, this score would look much different. But again, I just can’t overlook being served something swimming in oil. I’m really interested to go back and try it again. The amount of good press around it has to be for good reason. So, I would still recommend going out to try it if you’re in the area. If the sauce didn’t break, it would be amazing. 

Have you been to Dave Poe’s BBQ in Marietta? If so, what did you think of it? I want to know it all, so tell me everything in the comments below! Also, if you have thoughts or feelings regarding this review or any others, please tell me about that in the comments below as well!

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And as always, don’t forget to stay hungry. 🙂 

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