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  • steel city pops cookie pop
🍴What is it? : cookies and cream cookie pop
📍Where can I find it? : steel city pops
📝Score : 7️⃣ out of 🔟
🏆 The Good : 

I love ice cream popsicles, and the idea of adding a cookie INSIDE of it makes me so happy. This is the cookies and cream cookie, basically an Oreo-like, gluten-free cookie that is covered in cookies and cream ice cream. The cookie is rich and moist, like a brownie almost, and is complimented really well by the ice cream. The ice cream is pretty creamy, with bits of chocolate cookie inside, which I like. Mine is dipped in dark chocolate, with a white chocolate drizzle, chocolate cookie crumbs, toasted coconut and sea salt. I am really happy with my topping combo because I got bitterness, sweetness, crunch, that delicate crisp of the chocolate shell breaking apart as you bite into it, and the perfect salty bite at the end. I didn’t find the ice cream overly sweet, but I recommend not loading up on all sweet toppings. 

🚫 The Not so good :

The cookie itself was more brownie like, not holding up like a typical cookie would. So, a little different than what I expected. The ice cream itself is a little icy, but forgivable in this format. I am curious how the mouth-feel is without a cookie in the center. 

Have you been to Steel City Pops before? If so, what did you think? I want to know it all, so tell me everything in the comments below! Have thoughts or feelings about this review or any others? Tell me about that in the comments below as well!

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Even though it’s winter, I’m pretty much always hungry for ice cream. Don’t forget to stay hungry too. 🙂 

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